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A View From the Top: Dominating the Holidays in 2018

It’s that time of year again, when every online retailer should be asking:

What new trends will this year’s holiday sales season bring?

It’s a question that only an e-commerce expert — someone in close contact with the likes of Google, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook and others shaping the latest online holiday shopping trends — can confidently answer.

Someone like Scot Wingo. Or David Spitz. Who, as luck would have it, will be coming together on August 29th to provide sellers with the ultimate game plan for dominating online holiday retail sales in 2018.

With deep industry partnerships and longstanding relationships with more than 2,900 online retailers, ChannelAdvisor’s founder and CEO have the insights you need to win the season. And they’ll be offering up their insider knowledge during a live holiday selling preparation webinar.

Hear Scot Wingo and David Spitz discuss:

  • Lessons learned from last year’s holiday selling trends
  • New consumer behaviors shaping the 2018 online holiday sales season
  • Takeaway tips to dominate sales through December (and beyond)

Between Scot Wingo’s deep industry insights and David Spitz’s unique point of view, this special online event will be unlike anything else you experience this season. Come get the insights you need to fine-tune your marketing, selling and fulfillment strategies this holiday season.

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