Conquering Google: PLAs, PPC, SEO and More!

Conquering Google: PLAs, PPC, SEO and More!

Google dominates AU searches, with an impressive 91.8% share of the AU search engine market.*

As a retailer or branded manufacturer on Google, you’re jockeying for position with competitors to incentivise a shopper on a single results page, in a matter of seconds. It’s called the SERP — the search engine results page — and you need to know how your products can stake a claim in this valuable piece of online real estate.

In this eBook, we’ll dissect the three main sections of the Google results page - paid search ads, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and organic search results, and provide insight into:

  • Adding Google Ad Extensions to PPC campaigns 
  • Using keywords naturally 
  • And much more!

*Source: jimmydata.com

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