Download the 2013 Autumn Release Bundle

ChannelAdvisor's Autumn Release 2013 Bundle

With the 2013 Autumn Release, ChannelAdvisor is taking you wherever commerce goes. That means more geographies, more devices and more insights.

Now ChannelAdvisor customers can reach even more marketplaces with the addition of Amazon China and Japan as well as Tesco and Best Buy. We've also translated the platform into Simplified Chinese.

In addition, we’ve introduced support for Enhanced Campaigns and helped retailers manage sitelinks in a more intuitive way.

To help you make more informed decisions about your business, we’ve added Actionable Retail Insights so you can discover new ways to be more successful on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Finally, we’ve created new customizable dashboards so that you can monitor, measure and maximize your performance.

Here you can download the:

  • Autumn Release Overview
  • Autumn Release eBook
  • Actionable Retail Insights Overview

Download the complete Autumn Release 2013 bundle now!


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