Automation with Accountability: Achieving Success with Google Automation

Original Air Date: May 12, 2021

From input on selecting ad types to data that helps direct campaign strategies, automation is quickly becoming an essential component of digital marketing for any competitive seller. Google Automation — which uses Google’s adaptive learning model to optimize signals based on user intent — can be an especially powerful tool. In Automation with Accountability: Achieving Success with Google Automation, panelists Josh Owens, Amanda Wildt and Zach Swann will review the fundamentals of Google Automation and types of automation, including

  • Campaign formats
  • Bid strategies
  • Ads
  • Keywords

However, to harness the most substantial results, automation requires active management. Josh, Amanda and Zach will discuss what you can do to balance automation with active manual management and:

  • Avoid incorrect algorithmic assumptions
  • Accomplish more with fewer hands
  • Reduce time on manual tasks overall
  • Drive performance
  • Remain agile

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