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Amazon Strategies for a Shifting Landscape

In just a few short weeks, the world has changed and we all have been scrambling to find steady ground. Here at ChannelAdvisor, we’re monitoring and responding to the impact on brands and retailers in real time. 

Watch Amazon Strategies for a Shifting Landscape to see us discuss strategies third-party sellers on Amazon can take during this unprecedented time. 

Two of our top Amazon experts, Michael Schwartz and Ryan Barker, are on the front lines of managing these seismic shifts for brands and retailers. They will be teaming up to provide tips on what you can do right now to: 

  • Increase efficiency on a reduced budget
  • Respond to FBA delays
  • Understand and plan for future shipping adjustments
  • Remain relevant to your buyers
  • And more

We have an extended question-and-answer session during this webinar, providing more opportunity for you to obtain input more specific to your situation.  


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