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The Top 9 Metrics a Brand Needs to Track to Succeed Online

As a brand, you already understand the critical function a multichannel strategy serves in cultivating and growing your business. However, given the increasing role online presence plays in both online and offline consumer purchase decisions, brands can no longer remain passive about the online activity of their online retail partners.

That means putting a process in place to monitor and analyze key metrics of your products and your brand. 

We hope you view this webinar featuring Greg Ives, senior product marketing manager, and Kevin Cohen, director of brand analytics, at ChannelAdvisor. They discuss the insights you can gain through a deeper understanding of the analytics behind your brand’s online presence. 

Watch this webinar to learn how to:  

  • Increase your revenue by identifying and addressing missed opportunities for your products, such as:
    • Critical out-of-stock (OOS) items
    • Pricing errors
    • Percentage and enforcement of negotiated assortment 
  • Optimize your margins by analyzing the amount you pay to get a sale, including: 
    • Synchronized promotions
    • Keyword placement
    • Selective distribution
  • Improve your brand image, especially in the following critical areas:
    • Unauthorized resellers
    • Share of first-page products for priority keywords
    • Reviews and your responses


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