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Digitizing to Survive: Actionable Tips to Help You Conquer the Current Crisis

E-commerce has always required sellers to change and adapt to updates in technology, influences in the industry and shifting trends in consumer behavior. However, the global pandemic of 2020 has placed that evolution on warp speed. In the face of unprecedented challenges, sellers have needed to act quickly and intelligently to secure a place in the new environment. 

At ChannelAdvisor, we’ve been supporting and responding to the impact felt by brands and retailers around the world. In the webinar Digitizing to Survive: Actionable Tips to Help You Conquer the Current Crisis, Product Marketing Manager Izabela Catiru shares and analyzes some of the insights we’ve gained in recent weeks. 

She reviews the current landscape across multiple regions, discusses what could continue to transform our industry and describes what brands and retailers should do now to prepare for more changes. Watch now as she talks about how you can: 

  • Adjust advertising strategies on Google and Amazon
  • Reallocate budget based on current priorities 
  • Create back-up plans for future logistics challenges
  • Seize potential opportunities on marketplaces
  • Understand and respond to shifts in consumer behavior
  • And more

Find out how you can digitize, survive and thrive as we enter a new era of e-commerce.

Watch now.


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