Exclusive Webinar with Google and ChannelAdvisor

Accelerating Your E-Commerce Through Google Shopping Ads

From intent to unboxing, Google plays a role in virtually every aspect of e-commerce. In this exclusive event, discussion will focus on reaching modern digital shoppers in 2020 and learn how to accelerate your sales through advanced shopping tactics with Google and ChannelAdvisor.

View this on-demand webinar with Google & ChannelAdvisor and hear from Steph Schmitt from Google, and Link Walls from ChannelAdvisor, as they outline the current landscape of digital marketing and share strategies on how brands and retailers can maximize their performance in 2020 and beyond.

Topics covered:

  • Consumer trends 
  • What's new: Forward-looking shopping experience
  • Digital excellence: Strategy and growth
  • Ways ChannelAdvisor differentiates and partners with Google on:
    • Automation
    • Strategy: Product catalog and much more
    • Shopping: It isn’t just selling in 2020
    • Tactics to increase efficiency and drive growth

Speakers include:

Google’s Steph Schmitt, agency development manager, will participate in the conversation and provide intel on Google’s newest updates on how to succeed in a customer-first world, leveraging Google’s AI technology and developing the best omnichannel mobile-first experience for your brand.

Link Walls, VP of digital marketing strategy for ChannelAdvisor, has been traveling around the world and speaking with retailers and brands about key issues as well as new opportunities they’re facing.

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