A Strategic Guide for Streamlining Your Product Data to Retailers

Optimized. Compliant. On demand.

As a brand navigating the multilayered demands of e-commerce, it can feel impossible to create — and maintain — ideal product content across all retailer sites. Managing product data pulled from various sources is challenging and time-consuming. Risk for error is high — and those errors could be costly. 

On the other hand, product data can carry the key to unlock significant potential. In addition to improved visibility, it ensures a consistent brand experience for your consumers.

Automation gives you greater control, saves significant time and protects your brand equity across retailers. 

To help you rise to meet this challenge and capture these opportunities, ChannelAdvisor recently made our Retail Content Management feature available for all brands. And at 11 a.m. EST on February 11, in Multichannel Content Management for Brands: A Strategic Guide for Streamlining Your Product Data to Retailers Product Marketing Manager Izabela Catiru and Senior Product Manager Michele Maginty will describe what it means for brands.  

This webinar has been created specifically for the brand manager or executive, searching for ways to improve the efficiency of your teams and operations, connect with more retailers and, ultimately, improve visibility on retailer sites.

In the February 11 webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why you can no longer remain passive about the product data you send to retailers
  • Where and how you can spot inefficiencies in your product content management processes
  • How automation increases your capacity and builds opportunities for rapid expansion
  • How other brands have succeeded through their focus on accurate, automated product content
  • And more


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