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Total Funnel Facebook: Social Advertising for Every Stage of the Buying Journey

Original Air Date: June 18th, 2018
Co-hosted with Internet Retailer

Most of today’s online retailers know to advertise on social media. But how many of your campaigns are leading to actual connections with consumers? Or worse yet, how many of those campaigns are targeted to the complete wrong audiences?

Facebook users can have wildly varying levels of purchase intent. So why are you paying the same cost per click for shoppers at all stages of the purchase funnel?

It all comes down to knowing your audience. Once you understand how to segment your advertising strategies to the right shoppers, you can devote more time and money to the social campaigns that work — and gain an edge over competitors still spinning the wheels of outdated, one-size-fits-all tactics.

Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising or need to figure out how to maximize your current return on investment, this webinar is bound to answer your most pressing questions. We invite you to join ChannelAdvisor’s VP of digital marketing strategy, Link Walls, to learn:

  • How to classify your social audiences
  • How to map shopping intent to specific social campaigns How to assign relevant goals to each social campaign
  • What advertising elements to measure to ensure greater return on investment

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