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The Big 3: Advanced Advertising Strategies for Amazon, Facebook & Google

It’s time to talk about the Big 3: Amazon, Facebook, Google.

You’re probably already advertising on all three channels. But these are the three most competitive advertising sites in the US, and a mere presence on each is not enough. You need to get your products seen while squeezing the most ROI from your ad spend.

If you’re looking for new ways to increase visibility and build smarter campaigns across these highly competitive sites, you’ll want to watch this on-demand webinar. Our team of e-commerce experts can help you take your advertising efforts on the Big 3 to the next level.

Join Zach Bradt, April Trus and Jon Connors, client strategy managers on our Managed Services team, for a deep dive into cutting-edge strategies for Amazon Advertising, Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

They work with clients every day to develop long-term growth plans, implement robust campaigns and keep up with fast-paced changes in environment. They have the years of experience to know what works — and what doesn’t.

This webinar takes a closer look at how to design an advanced advertising plan of action for each channel and concludes with a panel-style Q&A discussion.

Amazon Advertising:

  • Learn advanced mining techniques for search terms
  • Leverage product targeting features, dynamic bidding and placement modifiers
  • And more

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads:

  • Expand your retargeting ad campaigns with broad audience targeting
  • Use Facebook ads to drive online search
  • And more

Google Shopping:

  • Create a sustainable Google Shopping structure
  • Leverage query-driven campaigns, automated bidding and importing into Bing
  • And more

View the on-demand webinar now.

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