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Automating for E-Commerce Success

E-commerce is evolving at breakneck speeds. How can you even hope to gain a winning edge against the competition? It’s a question we hear time and time again — and there is a short answer.


This isn’t just about making sure you’ve taken control of pricing on marketplaces — it’s much more than that. A smart automation strategy allows you to dynamically manage and enable many elements of your customer engagement journey from marketing to selling to fulfilling. Join e-commerce experts Gregg Shupe and Jonathan Laverentz as they share the automation tips you need to grow, including:

  • Keeping your margins while avoiding the race to the bottom
  • Ensuring right-pricing across multiple shopping destinations
  • Automating your marketplace feeds
  • Implementing strategies for successful fulfillment automation
  • Much more!

If you’re ready to take the next steps to e-commerce success and, at the same time, reduce your day-to-day workload, this webinar is for you.


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