Take the Search Out of Shopping with Kala

Create a unique, personalized online experience for your customers

More products, websites and apps facilitate online shopping than ever before, but e-commerce still hasn’t evolved from a transactional experience — we’re still shopping the same way we did 15 years ago.

Kala transforms online shopping from a transactional process to an interactive experience — as a ChannelAdvisor Marketplace Partner.

Your customers will:

  • Explore — Easily finding the unique products they are interested in from sellers
  • Request offers — Identifying what’s important to them to get the perfect item at the right price
  • Create their own community and space — Filled with their favorite products, retailers, experts and others who share their interest
  • Buy — Kala’s conversational buying experience makes shopping online with a phone, tablet or desktop as easy as sending an email or text

Sellers will be able to engage shoppers based on their individual needs to provide the perfect product, at the ideal price, at exactly the right time.

Join experts from Kala to learn more about this no-risk option for sellers, as well as Kala’s reduced introductory rate for ChannelAdvisor sellers who sign up early. Find out all about the benefits of this program, the requirements to qualify and the process to get started.

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