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Your Guide to 2019 E-Commerce Planning

Too early to start thinking about 2019 planning? Think again.

Sure, the holiday shopping season is the peak time of year for many brands and retailers, but long-term e-commerce success means optimizing your strategies for every single month and every single season.  

In other words, 2019 doesn’t start on January 1st. For savvy brands and retailers, it starts now.

It involves building efficient promotional campaigns for when the traditional “holiday” rush slows down. It requires expanding to new marketplaces before your competition gets there. It means learning from your mistakes and successes in 2018 and putting a plan in place to do them both better in 2019.

Join Cathy Hinek and Sean Finnegan, client services managers on ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Services team, for an exclusive look at how to kick-start your 2019 planning — the same way they do each year for ChannelAdvisor clients. They’ll show you how to conduct a meaningful 2018 retrospective and how to make the most of your 2019 online efforts.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze which programs worked and didn't work in 2018
  • Solve the challenges you identified in 2018
  • Build a strategic plan for 2019, including expansion opportunities, goals and forecasts
  • And much more

Don’t wait until late December to start planning for the new year. Hit the ground running in January with a few lessons learned from the experts.

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