ChannelAdvisor Webinars

The New Pillars of Google Success

As a Premier Google Partner, ChannelAdvisor knows successfully growing an online presence to find and engage buyers doesn’t happen by accident. 

We know it requires building an advertising framework specialized for your business and your vertical. It includes strategies built around your customer and the way they shop for products.  

But with so many tools at your disposal, it takes planning to lay a proper foundation for success. 

In our webinar, client strategy experts Andrew Hicks, Meggan Mercury and Mackenzie Dickerson take a deep dive into these three main areas:

  • Smart Shopping campaigns
  • Google Automation and Smart Bidding options
  • Omnichannel/local advertising 

They’ll go beyond the basics to discuss best practices and key actions in each area, covering topics such as: 

  • Planning effective campaigns
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Optimizing bids
  • Investing in images
  • Reviewing conversion-based metrics
  • Leveraging customer-level data and reports
  • And much more!

Get more out of your Google experience. Watch the Google gurus at ChannelAdvisor to learn more.


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