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Take More Control of Your Business - Spring 2018 Product Release Webinar

Original Air Date:  May 3, 2018 

Let’s face it: Navigating the ever-changing e-commerce landscape is tough. Consumers are charting never-before-seen paths to purchase every day, and they expect orders to be delivered at record speeds. The only way to keep up is with the right technology.

Enter ChannelAdvisor’s latest feature release.

These enhancements include features to help you market, sell and fulfill in ways that meet all the latest demands and keep you ahead of the competition. We’ve taken some of the biggest advantages of our e-commerce platform and made them even more advanced, making it easier than ever to connect with consumers and meet their expectations.

During this informational on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

Amazon Advertising Support for First-Party Sellers
Our latest Amazon integration digs deep into the inner workings of Amazon’s API — so you don’t have to. Sellers can rely on the digital marketing experts at ChannelAdvisor to manage and track ads, create custom date range reports and make bulk changes to bids and keywords.

Retail Content Management
This new feature allows sellers to let go of time-consuming manual updates or cumbersome product information management systems for a faster, more affordable way to meet retail content requirements. You can quickly create, store, map and update product information to templates — and easily keep content consistent everywhere you sell.

Profitability Reporting*
With our new Profitability Reporting, all available data — marketplace commissions, advertising fees, the prices a buyer pays for shipping, what it costs you to fulfill and much more — are automatically assembled into detailed reports and made ready for review.

Performance-Based Pricing
ChannelAdvisor’s Performance-Based Pricing lets you use business rules to create dynamic product prices that are automatically adjusted based on sales performance. This new feature eliminates the need to manually check on inventory levels or study sales conditions.

Shipping Management Suite
ChannelAdvisor’s Shipping Management Suite provides deep integration into marketplaces and keeps you connected to shipping partners like UPS, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, USPS and Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. You can pick, pack, ship and get orders out for delivery faster and more affordably than ever.

First-Party Order Support
This feature greatly simplifies management of wholesale and drop-ship orders for first-party vendors selling on retail sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair and Overstock (plus many more). Update stock quantities, easily manage purchase orders and shipment notifications and automate invoices.

*Product, Site and Order level profitability calculations use data and estimates that are provided by the end user or the site. ChannelAdvisor does not have visibility into all fees and costs that may apply to a business's overall profitability. All inventory and financial decision responsibility remain with the account holder, and ChannelAdvisor is not liable for decisions based on this information.