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Google Shopping Actions: Your Next Best Move

Today’s empowered consumer is more demanding. The challenge? Consumers find inspiration, research and purchase across many touchpoints. How do you manage? Marketing begins with connecting to more buyers.

A seamless, personalized shopping experience across Google properties (Google Assistant, Google Shopping and Google Search), Shopping Actions turns answers into actions. By combining marketplace shopping and voice-activated devices with the world’s most popular search engine, it gives your products more visibility and your customers a better buying experience.

Key benefits of Google Shopping Actions include:

  • New, more valuable customers — 68% of Google Shopping Action shoppers are 14% more valuable1
  • Incremental sales & deeper engagement — 10% more incremental spend using Google Express1
  • Bigger baskets over time — 30% increase in basket size YoY2

Google Shopping Actions represents the future of Google-based shopping, and retailers and brands can no longer afford to watch this major evolution from the sidelines. ChannelAdvisor is prepared to help you launch this program quickly to maximize your visibility and profit.

Watch the Google Shopping Actions: Your Next Best Move webinar to learn more.

  1. Mastercard Pre/Post Analysis of Shopping Actions Performance, June 2018.  Analysis conducted among MasterCard users of a subset of merchants that reflect ~40% of Shopping Actions spend and ~a third of transactions. Merchants were weighted based on contribution to the competitive set given their relative size and ecomm only merchants excluded from weightings for offline metrics. Anchor period 24 Aug ‘17 - 30 Sept ‘17 with rolling 6 month pre/post analysis
  2. Google internal data, Q1 2017 vs 2018 YTD.


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