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Why join eBay Managed Payments?

Managed payments will simplify the buying and selling experience on eBay and enable you to manage your payment information and operations all in one place. In addition, buyers have access to more ways to pay when they purchase your items.

There are many benefits to joining Managed Payments on eBay. Here are just a few:

  • One place to sell and get paid - Manage all your selling and payment needs from within your eBay account.
  • Simpler invoicing of your eBay fees - All your fees in one place on your eBay invoice.
  • Daily payouts - Direct deposit to your bank account. No need to transfer funds between accounts.
  • New ways for your buyers to pay - Such as mobile payments.
  • Be protected - Claim and charge back seller protections provided by eBay with one place to manage disputes

We encourage you to click on the link provided below to learn everything you need to know when considering joining. On this page you will find: eligibility criteria, an overview of the program, a tool where you can calculate the savings you will experience from joining, helpful Q&A, and most importantly, a link to REGISTER NOW.

Feel free to reach out to your ChannelAdvisor Account Manager to get more information on how joining could positively impact your business.

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