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The Essentials of Product Data—A Nontechnical Guide to Assess and Improve Your Feed

Original Air Date: 20 May 2020

Is your data dragging your ad performance down? With product advertising taking an increasingly bigger proportion of budget year-on-year, the importance of product data quality has been more important. 

To minimise cost per clicks and gain visibility in today’s competitive market, sellers must first take stock of their existing product data feeds to ensure they’re targeting the right buyers and are getting top returns out of their advertising efforts and maximise ROI.

Product Marketing Manager, Izabela Catiru will walk you through a series of practical tips that will enable you to review and optimise your product data. Topics covered in this webinar include;

  • Why quality product data is critical to success
  • How to audit your feeds in a few easy steps
  • Four key best practices to follow

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