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ChannelAdvisor is working with hundreds of global brands, in more than 70 countries, to deliver highly qualified sales leads to over 2000 online retailers.

ChannelAdvisor helps branded manufacturers make their content and campaigns shoppable, by connecting consumers directly to retailers who stock their products. Our technology provides consumers with buying options by displaying retailer logos and direct links to the checkout pages of approved retailer websites.

Become a partner and join the ChannelAdvisor Retailer Network to benefit from a regular source of free, highly qualified sales leads from branded manufacturers.

Benefits of becoming a partner:

  • Receive free, highly qualified consumer traffic to your website
  • Grow traffic from additional channels including YouTube, social media, digital display advertising and from additional brands within ChannelAdvisor’s network
  • Increase conversion rates to an average of 10%
  • Boost sales
  • Build and strengthen relationships with key brands
  • Increase visibility as a trusted, authorised retail partner of the brand
  • Gain actionable insights into consumer behaviour
  • Benefit from free access to ChannelAdvisor Product Feed Management (limited offer, subject to availability and scope of services)

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How Does it Work?

When consumers on a brand’s product page click on the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Where to Buy’ button, they are presented with a list of authorised retailers that have the product in stock.

Clicking on a retailer logo will link through to the product page on the retailer site. Where appropriate and possible on the retailer site, we can also integrate directly into the cart.

This solution can be enabled on websites and embedded in online advertising campaigns to drive additional traffic.

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