ChannelAdvisor Webinar

Holidays are Coming: E-Commerce Strategies for Peak Season Success

Original Air Date: Thursday 22nd July 2021

Peak season will be here before we know it — start preparing now to ensure you deliver the right strategy for festive season success. In ChannelAdvisor’s latest webinar, e-commerce experts Sunny Sura and Harman Bhamra, will give you a comprehensive rundown of what you need to be thinking about for your marketplace and digital marketing strategies, including:

  • What to expect for peak season and forecasting demand
  • Product data and content preparation
  • Marketplace pricing strategies
  • Google/Bing Search & Amazon Advertising advice
  • How to optimise your bids and audiences
  • And more!
Sunny Sura, Sales Engineer 

Harman Bhamra, Sales Engineer 

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