Frictionless Finance:
Creating A Cross-Border Payment Platform For Today’s Global Businesses

Original Air Date: 26 July 2017

Frictionless finance has the ability to make international trade easier, cheaper and faster. And while customer experience and feedback are king, it has never been more important to ensure your business runs efficiently and seamlessly.

View our on-demand webinar, presented by Hakan Thyr, Partnerships Director, EMEA at ChannelAdvisor and Craig Agutter, International Payments Expert at World First, for insights into:

  • How international finance can be as accessible for SME businesses
  • How technology can help businesses buy and sell across the globe
  • How using currencies effortlessly and seamlessly can help SME's optimise cashflow

About World First:

World First is market-leading, award-winning, rapidly-growing international FinTech business. Expert in international currencies and money transfer, World First combines specialist knowledge of foreign exchange markets with technological innovation to help individuals and businesses manage cross border currency payments quickly, securely and transparently. A specialist alternative to traditional banks’ generalist approach, World First has successfully exchanged more than £45bn for over 110,000 individuals and businesses since 2004.