ChannelAdvisor Webinar

OnBuy: How to stay agile in an era of e-commerce uncertainty

Original broadcast: Thursday 3rd June 2021

Ever since springtime 2020, uncertainty has become a huge and often unwelcome part of day to day business. This webinar will explore ways to stay agile, such as multichannel marketing and omnichannel sales, together with diversification in delivery partners and using seasonal events throughout the year as anchoring points in which you know business is going to be very active - all helping you ease the journey through less predictable months to come.

Join the webinar to hear more on: 

  • Multichannel sales. Discover why spreading your business over several marketplace websites, including OnBuy, is a smart business strategy.
  • Omnichannel sales. Find out how to unify your physical and online retail approaches to create a cohesive strategy that’ll win customers everywhere.
  • Delivery partners. Get top tips on choosing the best delivery partners for your business.
  • Seasonal events. Hear how and why you should weave seasonal events from around the globe into your marketing calendar.
Dean Elsworthy, Account & OnBoarding Manager  

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