Maximizing Retail Partnerships: the Four Pillars of E-Commerce Performance

Original Broadcast Date: 9th September 2021

For many brands, retail and online retail partnerships drive the vast majority of revenue. And when the brands are not interacting directly with consumers, it can be tempting to feel e-commerce performance is beyond their realm of control.

But the best brands out there have understood something: their influence is absolutely decisive when it comes to maximizing the outcome of retail partnerships. The brands that are not taking active steps towards optimizing their distribution are leaving money and growth on the table.

Whether it’s implementing a selective distribution or enforcing best product content practices across your network of retailers, there is a lot to do. And you need a solid lighthouse to guide your action.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The 4 pillars of e-commerce performance,
  • How each pillar contributes to the overall performance of retail channels,
  • What top brands are doing to improve execution against each pillar,
  • On which metrics to keep the finger to track progress.


  • Valentin Bayard - Marketing Manager Brand Analytics 
  • Huong Le - Customer Success Manager - Brand Analytics 

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