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EBay's Click & Collect with Argos

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A common challenge for many online shoppers is being able to receive delivery of their purchases. EBay has been a leader in helping to solve this challenge for its customers. Its Click & Collect program allows buyers to select a location to send their purchases to and then pick up later at their convenience.

In the United Kingdom, eBay has partnered with the popular retailer Argos to add its extensive brick-and-mortar network of stores as delivery points for eBay Click & Collect customers. In 2013, select eBay UK retailers were able to join eBay’s Argos Click & Collect beta program, which enabled them to offer 150 Argos locations throughout the UK as delivery points for orders.

After eBay tested the program with sellers and buyers, it has proven to be a strong offering — so strong, in fact, that eBay estimates that 65,000 retailers will enroll in the program by the end of 2014.

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