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Navigating E-Commerce Channels: Are You Staying Afloat?

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When navigating the many channels of e-commerce, are you maintaining a speed that's a couple knots faster than your peers, or are your online strategies running aground? Let's find out!

ChannelAdvisor surveyed more than 200 US and UK retailers that averaged $3-$5 million in revenue in 2013 to identify what strategies they're using to optimize their online sales. The results can give you an idea of how your peers are navigating the many channels of e-commerce and serve as an e-commerce GPS as you map out your voyage to online success.

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About ChannelAdvisor
ChannelAdvisor (NYSE: ECOM) is a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to integrate, manage and optimize their merchandise sales across hundreds of online channels including Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook and more. Through automation, analytics and optimization, ChannelAdvisor customers can leverage a single inventory feed to more efficiently list and advertise products online, and connect with shoppers to increase sales.
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