How to be Found, Stand Out and Sell More
on Amazon

Presented by:
Scot Wingo, Co-Founder & CEO, ChannelAdvisor
Jennifer Artabane, Senior Product Manager of ChannelAdvisor

With a rapidly growing audience creating opportunities for more sellers, Amazon is a top marketplace that online retailers can't afford to ignore. However, this marketplace is also known for its high standards and numerous data requirements that present a challenge to retailers and oftentimes can be the catalyst in whether or not your products are even found.

In this webinar ChannelAdvisor highlights best practices for listing products on Amazon to ensure your products are found in this marketplace so you can sell more.

From this guided walk-through of live Amazon listings and more, you will learn:

  • How Amazon is growing and the latest trends in this unique marketplace.
  • Best practices for using search terms to drive traffic to your products.
  • How to meet Amazon’s strict product image requirements.
  • Tips for creating effective product descriptions that result in more sales.
  • Product IDs and why they are crucial to your success on Amazon. 

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