ChannelAdvisor Webinars

Unwrapping Marketing Success Just in Time for the Holidays

Original Air Date: Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Is your digital marketing strategy in place for the 2018 holiday season? If you aren’t already thinking about how you are going to engage shoppers during the holiday rush, it’s time to start preparing now. So, be sure to join this dynamic webinar where we’ll uncover strategies for:

  • Preparing campaigns across multiple channels
  • Exploring channel expansion to drive additional revenue
  • Defining and evaluating custom audiences
  • Maximizing mobile vs traditional digital spend
  • Budgeting for the entire holiday season
  • Avoiding easily overlooked, but common, mistakes
  • Planning for the post-holiday season to keep the momentum going

Register today and save your seat for this amazing event featuring ChannelAdvisor’s VP of Digital Marketing Strategy, Link Walls, and arm yourself with marketing essentials to succeed now, during and after the 2018 online holiday shopping season.

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