2023 Global Consumer Survey: The Habits and Expectations of Today’s Consumer

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Our annual survey — conducted with research firm Dynata and involving thousands of online consumers across the world — is complete. And the results reveal significant insights into the ongoing evolution of e-commerce.

This year, we asked more buyers across more countries even more detailed questions about their shopping habits, preferences, expectations and holiday shopping plans.

Ever wonder:

  • How many sites shoppers visit on average before completing a transaction?
  • What the top factors are that prompt consumers to make a purchase?
  • How often shoppers browse online marketplaces or retail sites without intending to buy anything?
  • Why shoppers tend to abandon products in their online carts?
  • Which regional shoppers tend to prefer curbside pickup options — and which don’t?
  • Where buyers plan to conduct most of their holiday shopping?

Isabel Holdaway, marketing director, EMEA, and Bradley Hearn, senior product marketing manager, will answer these questions and much more in this fascinating webinar. Join them to learn more about how to better connect to and grow sales within your consumer base. 

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