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Seller Central vs. Vendor Central: How to Navigate Amazon's Recent Updates

What's your business model with Amazon? Wholesale through Vendor Central? Retail via Seller Central? A little bit of both?

Whatever relationship you've relied on in the past, that status might change soon.

The e-commerce giant created waves recently after it cancelled orders from many of its first-party (1P) vendors, prompting speculation that it may be encouraging many participating brands to become third-party (3P) sellers, and may be discouraging other brands and retailers from simultaneously selling through both 1P and 3P routes on its platform.

As vendors and sellers explore their options to take one pathway or another, many questions are cropping up: How do you make a smooth transition? Will the changes be visible to customers? How will fulfillment be impacted?

View our webinar, Seller Central vs. Vendor Central: How to Navigate Amazon’s Recent Updates, to learn the answers to those questions and more. ChannelAdvisor experts Gregg Shupe and Alison Held provide perspective and context on this issue for brands and retailers.

Gregg and Alison share critical tips for sellers on:

  • Primary differences between selling 1P and 3P
  • Benefits of Vendor Central and Seller Central
  • Techniques for the least disruptive transition
  • Best practices for 1P and 3P sellers
  • And much more

If you’re currently selling on Amazon or thinking of selling on Amazon, you don’t want to miss their insights on these recent events. View now.

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