Preparing for the festive season 2022: Smart Strategies to Implement Now
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Brands and retailers are beginning preparations for the festive season as consumer confidence and expectations undergo yet another reshaping. As the global focus swings further away from effects of the pandemic and more toward concerns about inflation and recession, the economic outlook remains uncertain.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to sharpen your approach to e-commerce far in advance of the festive season. Intelligent, intentional plans — executed tactically and early — will yield the most tangible benefits this year.

Join Steven Seidel, Client Strategy Team Lead, and Kyra Platz, Client Strategy Manager Marketplaces, when he shares tips on what to prioritise and how to prepare for this year’s peak season. In Preparing for the 2022 festive season: Smart Strategies to Implement Now, they detail the reasons and specific actions necessary to:

  • Address inventory challenges early
  • Prepare optimised content to pique shopper interest and secure purchasing decisions
  • Craft an advertising strategy that works in a chaotic online environment
  • Capture the power of promotions and pricing in times of consumer hesitancy
  • Examine diverse fulfilment options to reduce impact of fuel costs and increase customer satisfaction

In addition, registering for this webinar will qualify you for the following complimentary ChannelAdvisor services:

  • Multichannel Advertising Analysis: Optimise for success and product exposures across multiple channels
  • Marketplace Health Check: Leverage all the tools and options available before you hit the busiest weeks
  • Channel Expansion Analysis: Find out what channels are a good match to add to your bottom line, based on your category

Walk into this year’s festive season with an enriched perspective that can help you tackle any potential obstacles on your path to success through the remainder of the year.