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7 Ways to Get Kicked Off Amazon: Are You Guilty?

Original Air Date: March 18, 2015
Co-hosted with Internet Retailer

The thought of being suspended from Amazon can be terrifying, especially if a substantial portion of your sales comes from the marketplace. If you're unaware of how strict Amazon's rules are for retailers, then there's a good chance you're breaking one (or more). The result? Possible suspension, or even termination, from the marketplace. And once you're kicked off, it's not easy to get back in Amazon's good graces.

To make sure your Amazon account stays in good standing — and that you're not missing out on sales — join ChannelAdvisor to learn seven of the most common reasons why retailers get suspended from the marketplace. Ryan Barker, Campaign Manager, Marketplace Services, will walk through these missteps and share tips on how to avoid making them. 

You'll walk away from the webinar knowing:

  • The top pitfalls that can put your account in jeopardy
  • Tactics for staying on the straight and narrow
  • How to stay ahead of changing requirements in the future

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