How Brands Can Leverage Analytics to Drive Productive Retailer QBRs
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Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are essential moments in brand and retailer relationships. They are the opportunity for both parties to discuss strategy, long-term goals, campaigns, tactics and more.

But when sales lag and goals are missed, QBRs can turn into a blaming game. If sales are the only metric available, then it’s anyone’s guess what happened. And it’s easy for both parties to stay entrenched in their positions.

In this webinar, Valentin Bayard and Ben Highfill will share their tips on how to make QBRs more data-driven. Their approach is to focus on the drivers of performance (or lack thereof), including: in-stock rates, pricing levels, digital shelf, product content and more.

Tune in to learn how to:

  • Measure the main drivers of retailer performance ahead of a QBR
  • Make the data speak and understand the story it has to tell
  • Strategically present the facts and suggest next steps to maximize performance

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