Frictionless E-Commerce: How to Leverage Shoppable Media Across All Digital Campaigns
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Original Air Date: February 15, 2022

As a branded manufacturer, if you don’t provide motivated consumers with a clear path to purchase, you’ll likely lose them. ChannelAdvisor’s unique Shoppable Media technology makes your brand website and digital media campaigns “shoppable” by providing a seamless and dynamic connection to your preferred retailers.

Join Senior Product Marketing Manager Greg Ives as he breaks down everything your brand needs to know about Shoppable Media and why it’s one of the hottest trends in multichannel e-commerce. Learn how Shoppable Media can help you:

  • Enable e-commerce from any digital content, promotion, post or advertisement
  • Incorporate multiple retailers of your choosing, with or without an interstitial site
  • Utilize backup products and/or backup retailers to ensure in-stock offers from any ad or post
  • Gain insights into your products and campaigns by measuring actual sales and performance data (even when linking directly from an ad or social site to a retailer)

Don’t miss this opportunity to potentially transform your digital marketing campaigns into seamless shoppable experiences.

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