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Prevent overselling
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While most brands and retailers prefer that consumers come to their webstores, the reality is that most use multiple channels to find the right products at the right prices. Expanding your selling efforts across multiple channels allows you to find new customers wherever they might shop. However, growing your channel footprint brings new challenges:

  • Managing inventory levels across multiple channels to avoid overselling
  • Seamlessly integrating inventory, order management, and shipping operations
  • Synchronizing product prices and descriptions across channels in an efficient manner
  • Scaling your operations as your business grows

ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition solves these challenges. Starter Edition works seamlessly with ShipStation to expand and efficiently manage your sales efforts across Amazon, eBay*, and Shopify in the United States. Similar to how ShipStation automates your shipping operations, ChannelAdvisor helps automate your listing and inventory management across multiple channels. See how easy it is to use Starter Edition.

*eBay Motors and eBay Auction not supported at this time

Quickly launch onto new channels with a consistent consumer experience

Starter Edition also helps reduce the time it takes to get up and running on new sites by automatically synchronizing with your existing product listings. For new and existing channels, a simple spreadsheet allows for the synchronization of product data, including title, description, images and price, to ensure a consistent consumer experience regardless of the channel.

Streamline inventory management to avoid overselling

Starter Edition synchronizes current inventory levels across your channels, helping to avoid the use of inefficient buffers while preventing oversell situations that can create customer satisfaction issues and negative impact on your seller performance ratings. Every time one of your products sell on one channel, the available inventory is automatically updated for all supported channels.

Every time an order is placed, Starter Editition automatically synchronizes quantity across all channels.

Easily manage product variations across multiple channels

Starter Edition simplifies the job of managing product data across channels. It features a powerful product catalog so you can see and manage all your variations in a single, integrated view. Dive into each product and manage its options across your channels from a common interface.

Leave your ShipStation settings exactly as they are

There is no need to make any changes to your shipping settings to use Starter Edition. Orders will flow from your channels to ShipStation exactly as they do today.

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