2022 E-Commerce Wrap-Up: Key Trends to Look for in 2023

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2022 is coming to a close, but the evolution of e-commerce continues apace.

To prepare for another year and the additional change it will bring, we’re reflecting on the challenges, achievements and most recent lessons learned as this year wraps up.

ChannelAdvisor’s Vice President of Digital Marketing Strategy Link Walls is looking ahead to the next chapter. He’ll analyze the past year and, based on his extensive industry experience, examine what might be coming in 2023. Join this discussion to hear his perspective on:

  • Dilemmas and delights e-commerce experienced in 2022
  • Opportunities and emerging trends that will likely shape the industry in the months ahead
  • Key indicators for 2023 that brands and retailers must address
  • Strategies to drive visibility and engage consumers in the current e-commerce environment
  • Diversification and its critical role in the digital revolution

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